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Named brands of smartphones that remain the longest relevant

Analysts from Counterpoint Research shared the results of a study on how zealously smartphone makers are updating software and security systems for their gadgets. As it turned out, 96% of Finnish Nokia smartphones received an update to the latest version of the Android operating system – 9.0 Pie. In second place is the Korean brand Samsung with an indicator of 89%. “Bronze” went to the Chinese Xiaomi with an indicator of 84%.

This is taking into account both smartphones that came with Android 9 out of the box, and gadgets that have been updated to the latest version of the OS over the past 12 months. If we take into account only the "renovationists", then here the dominance of Nokia becomes even more significant. The Finns updated 90% of their smartphones, while the second-place holder – Xiaomi – is almost a third less – 62%.

And Samsung did provide updates to only 23% of gadgets. In addition to Xiaomi, the Korean company was beaten by two more “Chinese” – Lenovo and Huawei with indicators of 52% and 40%, respectively. Of the major manufacturers, less often than others, LG and Oppo update their devices – only about 10% of their smartphones received fresh firmware over the past year.

Source: Counterpoint Research
Photo: Nokia

The next “flagship killer” – the OnePlus 7T smartphone – was unveiled before the premiere of Huawei introduced a very cool, but affordable Nova 5T smartphone

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