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Named the best messengers for Android and iPhone

Experts of the national national quality monitoring system Roskachestvo shared the next rating, or rather two – the best messaging programs for devices running Android and iOS operating systems. It is immediately worth noting that Telegram did not participate in this study, because this messenger is officially banned in Russia, which means that there is nothing to dirty it with its gadgets.

The first two places in both ratings are the same – WhatsApp and Viber, which scored 4.41 and 4.36 points respectively in Android versions and 4.5 and 4.42 in versions for the iOS operating system. Next, the charts are divided. “Bronze” among Android messengers was not very popular, but very seriously protected by Threema. In the iOS ranking, he took fourth place. The third place here went to Skype, which in the next chart got only the fifth position, losing also to the VIPole messenger.

The fifth place on the iOS chart went to Wire. By the way, if we consider only the issue of communication security, then here both ratings also have a common champion – Wickr Me. True, in the overall standings, the positions of this messenger are far from ideal – sixteenth place among Android programs and fourteenth in the iOS rating. And with regard to the worst messenger, both charts also came to a common denominator in the person of the Kik application.

Source: Roskachestvo
Photo: maxpixel.net

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