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Panasonic has created a dream suitcase

The Japanese high-tech concern Panasonic, together with the manufacturer of tourist equipment Samsonite, created a “smart” suitcase that will definitely appeal to any traveler. Thanks to the built-in tracker Panasonic Seekit Bluetooth, the luggage received 14 “smart” functions.

For example, if the suitcase is too far from you (that is, someone will drag it away), you will receive a notification, and the “Guide” function will even indicate the direction in which to look for stolen luggage. Can't find your suitcase on the baggage claim carousel? Press the Buzz button on the smartphone, and the smart suitcase will emit a special sound signal.

Also, the suitcase will help you find the lost smartphone and replenish it with energy using the built-in battery and USB port. Built-in scales are also provided, so that you will always know for sure whether you fit into the requirements of the carrier or not. Finally, the suitcase has a biometric locking system with an integrated fingerprint scanner.

Source: Samsonite
Photo: Samsonite

A suitcase is presented that embodies the dreams of any streamer in reality Dreams come true: they will pay for watching porn!

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