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SFX Qdion QD280A 80+ Form Factor Power Supply

Alexander Kharatyan

At the end of the last century, when Intel released the microATX form factor motherboard, a new, reduced power supply unit appeared – SFX (Small Form Factor). This standard describes five (!) Different physical forms of these reduced BP. Moreover, the number and type of connectors changed at different times. The original specification includes one 20-pin connector for the motherboard and an additional 4-pin + 12V for powering the processor (appeared in specification version 2.0). Subsequently (in version 3.0), a 24-pin standard connector, Serial ATA, Molex connectors and other innovations appeared. Currently, the most popular version of the SFX12V version is PS3, which is usually equipped with a 60-mm fan that draws hot air from the case and displays it through the back of the computer.

Because the SFX12V power supplies are designed for miniature systems, they are limited in both connectors and features. Their power can vary from 100 to 300 W with four power lines: +5 V, +12 V, -12 V and +3.3 V. This is quite enough for most compact systems that have one medium-power graphics card (PCIe x16) and up to three internal drives.

SFX Qdion QD280A Form Factor Power Supply

SFX Qdion QD280A Form Factor Power Supply

Since the Qdion series power supplies are intended mainly for collectors, Qdion QD280A 80+ came to us without any packaging, in a simple bubble wrap. True, the wires are pulled together into a single bundle, and the whole, albeit very simple, packaging is made neatly. Naturally, no operating instructions and warranty card were attached.

The sticker on the top of the case shows the specifications for the power supply. It also indicates that the product is made according to the 80PLUS standard, that is, its efficiency under all operating conditions is at least 80%, and its total power is 280 watts.

Qdion QD280A Power Supply Connectors

24 pin ATX

1 PC.

4 pin

1 PC.


3 pcs.


2 pcs.


1 PC.

The kit is not to say that it is rich, but for a mini-PC it is quite enough, especially if you use a video card on the motherboard, which recently are not so bad. What about games? So, as a rule, such small computers are not designed for “heavy” modern games that require highly efficient video cards.

The main technical parameters of the power supply Qdion QD280A 80+

Cable connection


Maximum load power

280 watts


Not less than 80%

SFX Version

SFX12V 2.3

Power Options

115–240 V, 47–63 Hz


80 mm silent fan


Active (0.9)

Dimensions (L × W × H), mm

100 × 125 × 63

The front panel of the Qdion QD280A 80+ is customary for power supplies. It has a power cable connector and a two-position switch. The rest of the area is occupied by a lattice, which is made by simply extruding the metal of which the body is made. Hot air comes out through it, which the fan takes from the radiators installed in the power supply and from the motherboard.

SFX Qdion QD280A Form Factor Power Supply

The basis for cooling the Qdion QD280A 80+ power supply is an 80mm fan manufactured by Ruilian Science of China. It is made on two ball bearings, which ensures its long-term performance and significantly reduces the noise level. The fan has only two contacts for connection and therefore only a step-by-step, simplified control system is possible for it (change of rotation speed depending on the voltage on the bus). But this, as practice shows, is quite enough.

SFX Qdion QD280A Form Factor Power Supply

SFX Qdion QD280A Form Factor Power Supply

The Qdion QD280A 80+ power supply is made in China. But this does not at all follow that its quality does not correspond to the world level. The installation of the elements is very tight, but very neat and rational. All radiators are well blown, which allows maintaining an acceptable temperature. The power supply is made on the basis of a well-known platform with a single-cycle primary conversion and separate DC-DC converters in low-voltage circuits. This approach allows to reduce production costs and reduce the cost of the product while obtaining very good consumer characteristics. At the input, not the most expensive, but very reliable Teapo Electronic capacitors are used, which are very often used in such products. There are no complaints about the quality of soldering, as well as assembly.


Power supply units in the ATX form factor under the Qdion brand have been manufactured by FSP since 2008, which has long been known for its relatively high-quality, but not at all cheap devices, and did not differ in good terms in terms of price and quality, therefore, their sales on the Russian market were small . The rise in sales of Qdion products due to increased volumes of orders, primarily from domestic computer manufacturing companies, fell on 2018, after the decision to sharply increase the assortment of goods (in addition to power supplies, UPS, adapters, cases appeared) and organize their serial production at a substantially increased OEM and ODM orders at a wide range of trusted partner factories in China and Taiwan, focusing on the best price / quality solutions, including end-user devices users, such as ATX power supplies, UPSs, laptop adapters, and products for system integrators and builders. This was also facilitated by the opening of a representative office in Russia, OEM ODM production and the involvement of former senior FSP engineers to develop new, high-quality products.

Since then, the Qdion product range has been constantly expanding. Recently, the company began to produce power supplies designed for small-sized personal computers, which have recently been in great demand. The Qdion QD280A 80+ power supply unit, having a small size, but at the same time sufficient power and parameters that meet the bronze certificate of efficiency, is of significant interest for both PC builders and ordinary users. It is quite versatile in terms of power, but, nevertheless, before purchasing it, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the connectors that are present on the motherboard, which it will power.

Currently, the Qdion QD280A 80+ power supply is not yet on sale. However, according to information from the Russian representative office, its recommended cost will be in the range of 2600-2800 rubles. Considering that products under the Qdion brand are always distinguished by reliability and workmanship, the acquisition of such a device will be a rational investment. We would recommend Qdion QD280A 80+ primarily for collectors of original small-sized computers and lovers to assemble personal equipment.

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