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We continue our acquaintance with the novelties of the large Russian presentation of Xiaomi. Following completely wireless headphones for only 2,990 rubles, the Chinese giant has officially presented in our country a new generation of one of its main greatest hits — the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 fitness bracelet.

The gadget received an enlarged OLED display — 1.2 inches versus 0.95 inches from the previous generation. And the manufacturer also abandoned the usual charging holder. Now the bracelet can be recharged without removing it from the strap, simply by attaching the magnetic connector to the contact pad on the back of the device.

The level of autonomy of the gadget remained the same — in the region of 3-4 weeks on a single charge. Now you can monitor the level of atmospheric pressure and blood oxygen saturation. In addition, Mi Band 5 provides more detailed and accurate sleep monitoring statistics. The list of supported sports and physical activities has increased to 11.

Especially for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, it became possible to track menstrual cycles using the application. The gadget is priced at 3,290 rubles. By the way, yesterday Huawei introduced a fitness bracelet that can be worn on the ear too.

Source: Xiaomi

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